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Learn and master a unique art form from the Philippines. You'll develop self-confidence, self-control, awareness, character development, fitness and self-defense skills.  Eskrima is a complete Martial Art and is known for lightning-fast movements utilizing weapons, empty hand trapping, strikes, kicking techniques, as well as takedowns and locks.  We teach a scientific method against all bladed and impact weapons and disarming.  Exclusively teaching the Doce Pares original "Multi-Style System," covering all ranges of Eskrima-Kali-Arnis, both traditional and progressive. Our program may be studied on an individual basis at our facility or on a group basis at your business or location.

Curriculum Components

The Doce Pares system of Eskrima is composed of Seven Styles or sub-disciplines which are described below. The drills described fall into one of these categories. 

< SOLO OLISI (Single Stick)
The strong hand wields a stick and serves as the primary defense. The empty hand is used mainly for defense, focusing on controlling the opponent's weapon hand.

DOBLE OLISI > (Double Stick)
Each hand has a stick. They can be used for combination attacks or one can serve as defense while the other is used to attack.

< BARAW (Knife)
Eskrido (Locks, throws and takedowns with olisi). Similar in format to the solo olisi, but the weapon is a knife.

ESPADA Y DAGA > (Sword and Dagger)
Strong hand wields a stick or long blade and serves as the primary offense. Other hand holds a knife and used for both offense and defense (blocking, checking and locking)

< MANO-MANO (Empty Hands)
The Doce Pares empty hand drills usually involve boxing-style attack movements combined with effective trapping and foot techniques. 

DUMOG > (Grappling)
A variety of takedowns and throwing techniques are used, which can be practiced with or without weapons. 

< TAPI-TAPI (Alive hand, Sticky Hands-Old Style)
Sumbag-pated (punch and kick). All of the 12 Forms (Sayaw) Karanza, including the 5 minute duration Form 12, the so-called "San Miguel".


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